What Is Into-Me-I-See?

“Intimacy through dance” – Learning how to live, move and connect to ourselves and others from the core of our being. At the centre of our being, we are pure energy – Unconditional Love. When we deepen into that state, we can more fully and authentically express ourselves with another. Through the shared training as ballroom dancers, healers and personal journey to togetherness, we are offering:

* One-of-a-kind private lessons – Combination of dancing & counseling sessions for couples and individuals on the journey of self-discovery and union.

*Group Workshops targeted for people searching for deeper connections to self and the other.

 * Retreats for couples and individuals, in beautiful locations for a deeper immersion togetherness.

 Who is Into-Me-I-See for?

This modality is for anyone seeking deeper awareness and understanding of the universal energetic patterns that exist in their bodies & relationships. Our aim is to support individuals and couples in identifying patterns and programs that govern their behavior towards self and others; guide them to explore and transform these patterns so that they can move through life with more grace, balance, and harmony.

Our skills


* Dance as self-therapy: Ballroom dancing was my childhood dream which did not happen. As an adult, for the last 12 years, I have had to work through a great number of internal blocks, self-criticism, and insecurities to find my way on the competition floor.

* Conscious union journey: A truly intense training in ‘living love’, with the navigation of myself and partner through all the triggers to togetherness.  I have since been counseling others on a similar journey.

* Holding space for “dark night of the soul”: I had wrestled with the program of self-destruction since early teens. This culminated in a major breakdown in 2012 – when I discovered energy healing and received guidance to follow that path. I completed a two-year training course in Vibrational Healing and now continue deepening my knowledge of channeling, sound therapy, soul retrieval, organ regeneration, and relationship cords clearing.  

My work is influenced by Gnosticism, Shamanism, Physics, Buddhism, and Yoga. I have been offering healing sessions and workshops since 2014.

* Walking the talk: from the never feeling safe in the world, I have moved into a state of increasing harmony, joy and gratitude. 


* Holistic self-development: I have devoted my life to self-development of mind, body, and spirit through dancing, primarily Ballroom and Latin American, for over 33 years. I competed, performed and taught all over the world, to all types of people.

During this time learning much of how we relate with our bodies and others. But also how our physical and emotional injuries are gateways to knowing ourselves. This was complemented with over 10 years of Yoga & meditation which I now hold a teaching qualification for. 

* Relationship experience: My dancing life provided an abundance of opportunities to practice building harmonious connections and relationships. Some of the most spectacular trials and errors led me to profound internal inquiry, compassion and healing the most important relationship – the one with myself.

* Holding Compassionate Space: Through my journey of self-development and healing, I have learned to hold space for himself through very challenging times. I am now able to offer the same deep empathy and understanding to my clients on their journeys. 

* Balancing of the Masculine and Feminine: My early dance life as a male dancer in South Africa, a macho-driven culture, was the catalyst to understanding my own masculine and feminine energies. This has continued throughout my dancing career to reveal the secrets of how the balancing of masculine and feminine energies is vital for healthy and harmonious living.

Prices for private classes: 

1 hour – £90

1.5 hours – £135


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